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TopDocDX is a comprehensive and advanced screening tool that provides a detailed analysis of your body’s current health status. The test covers various aspects of your health, including metabolic, cardiovascular, digestive, and immune functions. The results of the test will help identify any areas of concern and will then be discussed in detail with you individually. 

Custom Orthotics by Pedics

The Pedics data-driven assessment and the subsequent orthotic configuration process were specifically designed with the goal to gather all relevant information needed to craft highly custom orthotics. Our orthotics are crafted by our specialists in the orthotic lab. It is a true custom product that is made-to-order and individually designed for each patient.

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Muskuloskeletal Ultrasound 

More info coming soon

SoCal NeuroRehab

More info coming soon

Center for Advanced Regenerative Medicine - PRP

More info coming soon

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