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Medical Concierge



Program Benefits Include...

  • Full, Personalized Care & Programming 

  • Enhanced Patient-Practitioner Access 

  • Eliminate Insurance Hassles 

  • Remote Programming

  • Among many more!


Concierge Visit

Wellness Programs

These visits are designed to go above and beyond our regular services, designed for the individual wanting additional time with our Doctors

  • One on One Visit (50 min)

  • Off-Site or In-Home Visit (60 min)

Visit Today

You'll know the minute you arrive this is the place. We are here to surpass your desires.

Great for the person who needs a more custom wellness/ rehab program that encompasses their current or previous injuries

  • SILVER: 1 Concierge Visit a month + Remote Programming

  • GOLD:2 Concierge Visits a month + Remote Programming

  • PLATINUM: Weekly Concierge Visits a month + Remote Programming

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