Physical Therapy

Thousand Oaks

Physical therapy is a medical practice of treating physical injuries and diseases without using drugs and medical prescriptions. If you are suffering from a physical injury and don’t know how and where to get relief, get in touch with Body Dynamix Integrated Sports Medicine, a world class sports clinic located in Thousand Oaks, servesing the greater Los Angeles area.  We are a team of experienced and certified physical therapists who take care of your physical injuries, diseases, and body pain problems by using advanced technology and skills. Thankfully, the massive experience and expertise of our professionals make Body Dynamic Integrated Sports Medicine one of the reputable physical therapy clinics in Thousand Oaks. If you are having a severe kind of chronic pain, you should not look further when our experts have got your back.

Common Physical Therapy Methods Used by Our Experts

Body Dynamix Integrated Sports Medicine is a well-established medical center that offers a wide range of therapy treatments. Some of the most common physical therapy treatments are mentioned below:                                                     

Blood Flow Restriction 

Blood Flow Restriction is one of the biggest technological advancements in rehab science in the last 25 years.  In many cases it allows the patient to get started with exercises that help to maintain muscle mass months earlier, decreasing Return to Play times drastically.  NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, etc... are all utilizing this technology in their training rooms and have seen the results. Surgeons are now seeking out clinics that have expertise in this technology because they are seeing the results in their patients progress post surgically.  Blood Flow Restriction works by (simplified greatly) diminishing a muscle's energy supply during an exercise.  This causes the muscle to have to work much harder during an exercise.  What this does is create an environment that 30% of a normal load to a muscle (Weights/Bands/etc...) can elicit the same response in the muscle; hypertrophy (growth).  This is a huge jump in rehab science because it allows for the muscle to grow earlier because the joint (usually the injury) does not have to have a full load through it.  BFR Therapy has also been shown to be effective in stress fracture and fracture healing as well. 


Manual Therapy

                                                                                  Manual therapy is the most common type of physical therapy that                                                                                                                         our experts implement by using hand-on techniques. The purpose                                                                                                                       of manual therapy is to reduce pain in joints and soft tissues to improve                                                                                                               the movement and length of a muscle. Our knowledgeable experts and                                                                                                             health specialists provide relief to muscles and joints by using this                                                                                                                         various types of hands-on technique. This particular therapy includes the

                                                                                 movement of muscles with the magic of hands, so it requires the trained hands of                                                                                          our physical therapists to reduce pain. Do you feel pain in your joints? Let’s begin                                                                                            this amazing, custom physical therapy journey!

Ice Technique

Ice technique is also a kind of manual therapy applied to affected areas, commonly used by athletes. Generally speaking, the ice technique is not a substitute for manual therapy, but it works similarly to the hands-on method.  Patients who undergo swelling often look for the icing technique to find relief.  Icing provides instant relief to the body and acts as a good practice to reduce swelling.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is another passive treatment, also known as thermo-therapy in the world of physios, that applies heat to the body with the help of a hydroculator and moist heat application with terry cloths and towels to safely apply.  Heat aides in drawing bloodflow to a site, usually used prior to manual therapy or exercise to aide in making tissues more pliable.

Physical Exercise and Rehabilitation

The bulk of your Physical Therapy visit will most likely be Exercise and Rehabilitation.  This can range from learning to use your crutches, boot, or other ambulatory aides properly to deadlifting 500lbs;  It all depends on what your lifestyle demands.  Our therapist work with such a broad range of patients they are able to address your complex biomechanics issues one step at a time.  It is really important to understand that getting you out of pain is one thing, and fixing the problem that got you into pain is another.  At Body Dynamix we aim to teach you the "why" surrounding your injury and guide you through the process of reaching your goal.  Our staff has helped thousands reach their goals, fire-fighters, professional athletes, moms and dads, coaches, young athletes and many more. 

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy, or (Low Level Light Therapy) can be used in different scenarios for different purposes.  The technology we have works on the cellular level to increase or decrease cellular activity depending on setting and purpose.  For example, prior to activity one of our professional may use Laser to increase activity in your tendon in order to decrease discomfort during the activity.  On the other hand a patient with acute lower back pain might be set up for laser to decrease cellular activity in the painful area.  Thankfully laser therapy is versatile and can lend great results.  

Physical Therapy in Thousand Oaks

Physical therapy is a common treatment that every medical center offers. What differentiates them from Body Dynamix Integrated Sports Medicine? There are so many reasons that differentiate us from other sports clinics in the area. The leading reason is the techniques and advanced treatments that we offer to our patients. Our physical therapists have command in advanced physical therapy techniques utilized by clinics around the globe that they will use to create a custom program for you to achieve your desired goals.  The best of the best trust us to get them better, so should you.

Apart from treatment offers, we also guide our patients to gain an understanding of their bodies and overall learn to keep themselves healthy.  If you are in search of custom physical therapy in the Thousand Oaks Area, you can find us located off Rancho Conejo across the street from Amgen inside Sports Academy. 

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Why You Need our Physical Therapy in Thousands Oaks?

Our Physical Therapists are movement specialists focused on returning our patients to optimal performance through individualized exercise prescription, hands-on care, and patient education. They care for patients of all ages and abilities and are genuinely committed to helping their patients. Their extensive education allows them to treat a multitude of conditions and to identify and correct faulty movement patterns to prevent future injury. Our physical therapists work side-by-side with their patients to help them achieve their goals. Using the court, turf, sand, or weight room they are able to guide our patients to return to play at 100%.

Here at Body Dynamix Integrated Sports Medicine we use the most advanced technology to help clients reach their maximum potential. Our Physical therapist have great success treating a wide range of injuries including: back pain, neck pain, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, foot pain, plantar fasciitis pain, shoulder pain, rotator cuff injury, elbow pain, wrist pain, myofascial pain, nerve pain, sciatic nerve pain, disc injury, arthritic pain, postural alignment, sore muscles, muscle weakness, sports injuries, orthopedic surgery rehab and much more.

Our proven success is in large part due to our advanced technologies we use to treat our patients. These are the same tools and techniques that professional athletes around the world use to be able to recover faster, train harder and continue to perform at an elite level. Our physical therapy Services Include: BFR (Blood Flow Restriction), instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, Kinesiotaping (KT taping), Cold Laser therapy, Ultrasound Therapy, Therapeutic cupping, Muscle Release Technique, AlterG® (Anti-Gravity Treadmill®), Exercise prescription, and much more.

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Our Custom Physical Therapy Service in Thousands Oaks Include…

  • BFR (Blood Flow Restriction)

  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

  • Manual Muscle Therapy

  • AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill®

  • Functional Screenings / Return-To-Play

  • Exercise Prescription

  • Post Surgical Care

  • Hypervolt

  • NormaTec

  • Compex Electric Stimulation

Who You'll Work With…


Justin Brouhard PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Center Coordinator of Clinical Education

Justin has years of experiencing treating patients with a variety of orthopedic diagnoses. Justin is also the Center Coordinator of Clinical Education, serving as the contact point for incoming physical therapy students who want to perform clinical hours at Body Dynamix cutting-edge facility. He is consistently evaluating Body Dynamix Clinical Education program, and continues to seek out new ways to innovate incoming physical therapy students.

Justin graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from California Lutheran University. He then attended the University of Southern California’s Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy program where he graduated with honors with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Justin is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist as well as an APTA Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) and has extensive experience working with athletes of all age groups and skill levels. Justin currently holds an adjunct professor position at California Lutheran University where he teaches courses in anatomy and exercise science. Prior to working at Body Dynamix, Justin was the outpatient physical therapy manager at Lakeside Physical Therapy where he ran a team of physical therapists and ancillary staff. Justin has taken a multitude of continued education courses in sport-related movement disorders, orthopedic injury, and manual therapy of the extremities and spine.

Justin is a local to Ventura County. He was raised in Camarillo, California and attended Adolfo Camarillo High School. Justin grew up playing baseball and played throughout his childhood and young adult years. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, fishing, running, and most importantly spending time with his wife and beautiful daughter.


Danielle Cooper PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Danielle works with patients with a variety of orthopedic diagnoses here at Body Dynamix Integrated Sports Medicine. She is concurrently completing her fellowship in orthopedic manual physical therapy (FAAOMPT) through Regis University.

Danielle graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science & Strength and Conditioning. She attended the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, graduating with honors with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Danielle is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and earned her Board Certification in Orthopedics (OCS) in 2016. She is also an APTA-Certified Clinical Instructor.


Danielle previously worked in outpatient orthopedics at Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Boston, coordinating community-based running programs and medical care for the Boston Marathon. Her research has focused on running and ACL injuries and she has taken continuing education courses in concussion management, sport-related movement disorders, blood flow restriction training, pain science education, and advanced manual therapy techniques. She has worked with athletes of all ages and skill levels.


Danielle grew up in Wisconsin playing basketball, softball, and running cross country. She now enjoys running, hiking, and backpacking the beautiful California trails with her husband.


Max Sterenson PT, DPT, ATC

Doctor of Physical Therapist

Athletic Trainer

Max treats patients with a variety of orthopedic and sports related diagnoses. Max graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Athletic training from Northeastern University in Boston. He went on to attend the University of Southern California’s Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy program where he received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. During his pursuit of his Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree, Max had the opportunity to work in various settings including Neurological rehabilitation, working with patients who had a traumatic brain injury or stroke, outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine. It was his last clinical internship that really sparked a passion to pursue orthopedics and sports medicine physical therapy, when he worked with the Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball team on their rehabilitation staff during spring training of the 2016 season. It was there he developed a passion for treating athletes, an evidence-based approach to treatment and the understanding of what it takes to be great at the highest level of sport.

After graduation and prior to working at Body Dynamix, Max worked at Primary Care Sports Medicine in Tarzana for 3 years where he treated high school, college and USA track and field Athletes. Max’s background as a Certified Athletic Trainer includes working with high school and college athletes and was on the medical staff for Team USA which competed in the Maccabiah Games in Israel in 2013 and in the Pan American Maccabiah Games in Santiago, Chile in 2015-16. Max is continually attending physical therapy conferences and continuing education courses related to manual therapy techniques, blood flow restriction and the treatment of orthopedic and sports medicine diagnoses.

Max is from Saint Paul, MN where he played basketball, baseball and soccer through high school and went on to play club baseball at Northeastern University where he won a national championship. Max currently lives in West Los Angeles and enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing and watching sports, traveling and enjoying all that LA has to offer.

Milena Popovic, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Milena Popovic is a physical therapist at Body Dynamix. She works with patients of all ages with a variety of orthopedic diagnoses. Milena attended West Coast University, graduating with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Prior to her graduate studies, Milena attended Saint Mary’s College of California where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science. She is certified in Myofascial Decompression Techniques-Levels I & II, Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Rehabilitation and Advanced Concepts in Kinesiology Taping.

Milena was raised in Burbank, CA and attended Harvard-Westlake High School. She grew up playing many different sports including volleyball, basketball, water polo and swimming. While at Saint Mary’s, Milena played NCAA Division I Indoor and Beach Volleyball. She now enjoys coaching and playing volleyball, working out and spending time with friends and family.