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Sports Recovery Center

Thousand Oaks

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sports recovery center thousand oaks

Sports Recovery

In additional to our integrated sports medical services, we offer recovery services which are designed to expedite the healing process which allows you to recovery from injuries and reduce the repetitive trauma your body incurs as a direct result of high intensity training. In our state-of-the-art Recovery Lounge, we have Normatec Recovery compression technology, Compex electric stimulation, Hypervolt percussion therapy, Somadome meditation, Whirlpool ice bath, sports massage, therapeutic cupping and dry needling. These are the same tools and techniques that professional athletes around the world use to be able to recover faster, train harder and continue to perform at an elite level.


Lauren Jung

Lauren is the manager of Integrated Sports Medicine Recovery Suite & Massage Therapy at Sports Academy. Lauren leads a high performing Team that embraces the three major values of Body Dynamix and Sports Academy, positive company culture, high integrity and client experience. Lauren is responsible for the overall success of the department which involves, marketing strategies, personal development and growth, productivity, financial reviews and business development.

Lauren is originally from Orange County, CA where she first started working for  Dr. Beau Daniels and has been part of the medical practice (Body Dynamix Integrated Sports Medicine) for the past nine years. While Lauren was working full time to help operate the Orange County location she also attended California State University, Fullerton where she received her Bachelor of Science degree. Lauren enjoys outdoor activities and sports on weekends and traveling to experience different cultures.

Manager of Sports Recovery Suite and Massage Therapy

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