WE ARE family

Body Dynamix (BDX) has been called the best kept secret in Los Angeles.  Why?  Maybe because we are tucked away in a business park in the San Fernando Valley... but more likely because of the fact that we truly are family.  From the professional friendships between Team BDX employees; to the empathy, care, and rapport between doctors & patients, and trainers & clients; to BDX's light, social climate in which relationships between our members blossom.  For ten years, we have found that this warm environment breeds even more incredible results in injury recovery, and in physical fitness.  When people feel comfortable in their skin while committing to their healing or pushing their bodies to the limits, results are limitless.



"BDX surpasses all others because of the level of personal attention and quality of service. The BDX staff get to know you, remember you and make sure you are always taken care of."


Rachel M.

"The thing that sets Bdx apart from other similar programs is not only are you receiving the highest quality of care from the top guys in the industry, but you also become a part of this amazing network, with a wide range of people, who become close friends and almost like family.  Bdx really is like a second home."

Brittany M

"My brother started going there to rehab a number of his sports injuries, and while it was great how quickly they got him back into fighting shape, it was even better to hear my brother talk about how much fun he had working out there every day, and how the trainers at BDX were motivating him and pushing him to achieve things even he didn't think he could do." 

KAte B.